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Tammy & Jeana

Singer-songwriters Tammy Laforest and Jeana DeLaire come together in this emerging Providence based acoustic duo. Featuring a multi-genre blend of classic pop and top charts, as well as original music, the two seasoned players produce a memorable and dynamic sound, sprinkled with comedic stage banter. Discover more of their music through their individual acts known as The Dust Ruffles, Great Gale, and Tammy’s self titled solo project.

Contact/Booking  (Equipment requirements listed at the bottom of the page)

Photography by Jessica Pohl

Tammy Laforest is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Rhode Island. She has been nominated for several local awards, her band, the Dust Ruffles, winning the Breakthrough Act Award during the Limelight Awards in 2015. She released her solo album called Copper in June of 2014. From alternative pop, to retro rock, to haunting waltzes, don’t miss the pure essence of natural talent, visual and aural beauty in her live performances.

Jeana DeLaire is a Providence based singer-songwriter, and freelance writer for Motif Magazine, and OnlyInYourState. An award winning musician, Jeana studied music theory and guitar at College of the Atlantic and uses a unique multi-genre technique in her playing. She currently fronts the folk trio Great Gale with self-recorded works available at

Together, Tammy & Jeana host a traveling open mic and provide entertainment to bars, restaurants and venues throughout the United States.  You can find a sample list of their cover songs here

Photography by James Lastowski


Waterfalls by TLC

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen 

Tammy & Jeana can bring a PA system or amplifiers sufficiently powered for small to medium rooms.  Large venues already equipped with a PA system should provide two microphones and two DI boxes for two acoustic guitars.