Here Are All The Major Overdue Tammy & Jeana Updates!


If you’re reading this you might be committed enough to our blog to wonder where the h*** we’ve been! We are sorry. Life has been totally packed with things and we haven’t done a very good job of sitting down to document what we’ve been up to. Now that you have forgiven us, let’s move along! Our last post was in January and we have sooo much to discuss.

Here are the big things that have happened to us since January in and out of our musical lives:

– We played tons of awesome shows all around New England!

Some highlights included The Goddess Show (an annual event celebrating women in the arts), Green Mountain College (this was a Great Gale show and Tammy came with to play lead guitar), Rhode Island Pride (we headlined the acoustic stage), Bar Harbor Pride (the Lompoc is Jeana’s favorite bar and the super cool Bethany Killian of the Fates came along), and so many other venues like The Village, Dusk, etc.

Jeana celebrated her birthday on January 31st and is still this adorable! She is such an aquarius.

I hope by now you’ve figured out that it is me, Jeana, who is writing this. ūüėČ 

We watched the superbowl together proving once again that we make a really cute couple.

I have even made some successful sports metaphors since. 

We moved in to a slightly larger apartment and have needed to spend a lot of time at Home Depot.

Living out our queer girl fantasies one Home Depot at a time.   

*drum rolls* Tammy won Mx. Bisexual 2017!

Really look how cool she is! She had an amazing costume (modern femme Ziggy Stardust), gorgeous formalwear, and such a perfect talent. But what really stole the show was the 600 word description of her costume I wrote that announcers read in full. We all know it.

So much more!

There have been tons of other stuff like Tammy being in the Pride Parade with Ms. Lesbian Rhode Island, Ashely Delgado (who is super awesome and if you don’t believe me click on this google thing about her), making wonderful new friends, and so much more… but I think these are our major happenings!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our adventures and we promise to be better about posting regular updates. Check out our facebook for tons of gigs on the way and more news. 

Pour Out My Love

New YouTube video for a new song!  Come see us perform it live at The Village in Providence February 18, 2017. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.  


Pour Out My Love

Well it’s been so long since I’ve been able to meet you there
When all I wanted was to be with you
And get out what I’ve got to give
I gotta get out what I’ve got to give

Well it’s been so long so I want you more
I can’t find the right one there are so many doors
Not the one I’ve been looking for
You’re the one I’ve been looking for

Now I’ve found it
and I’ve got the key to this
Let’s lock the door
cuz it’s just for us

I will pour out my love into you
Pour out my love into you
Pour out my love into you
My love, into you

You’re all that’s on my mind, I am tearing up
If I can’t find you soon my love will overflow my cup
You’re in my sight, will you let me in
The search was tough but together we’ll win

It feels like this could last forever
Once we start to pour out our love together
Just so much love to give
We overflow with love to give

Hold that thought
I’ll do a special dance for you
You’re in luck baby
You’re my number one

Jeana’s Nashville Highlights

We returned to our home city of Providence today after our mini tour and vacation in the Nashville area of Tennessee. We did way too many things to include in one blog so Tammy and I will each be focusing on different major happenings. Don’t miss her blog about our surreal time at the Storytellers Museum and Johnny Cash Ranch. It was at this magical place where I played one of Johnny’s gorgeous Martin guitars while Tammy sang and I spent the entire time existing in this awkward in between of happy crying and fainting the entire time.

Here’s a sneak peak photo of our time at the ranch…


The week was amazing and included tons of delicious¬†food, new and old friends, wonderful music, fantastic t-shirts, karaoke, impromptu as well as scheduled musical performances, and so much more! Some of the fantastic restaurants we went to included Smokin’ Thighs, Saint Anejo, Johnathan’s Grille, and of course my greatest love known as Waffle House. Stay tuned for my future blog where I will profess my undying admiration¬†for Waffle House. Excursions¬†included visiting Tammy’s friends at a sprawling commune, Centennial Park and Parthenon (a full scale super elaborately amazing replica of the real Parthenon), Love Circle (which I blogged about here), and more.

Enjoy this photo of me in perfect bliss and getting photo bombed at Waffle House…


Most notably I would like the world to know that Tammy is an incredible karaoke artist. After our gig at Bobby’s Idle Hour on Thursday I convinced her to visit some of the local queer hangs in Nashville and we eventually ended up at Lipstick Lounge. This place seems to be the most queer and queer¬†woman¬†welcoming (the other places we went to¬†had mostly¬†very friendly gay men). Lipstick Lounge advertises itself as a bar for people, and it was very welcoming and seemed pretty close knit.

After much hesitation and convincing, Tammy sang her heart out to Nsync’s It’s Gonna Be Me and I’ll Make Love to You by Boys II Men. ¬†We ended the night with a team performance of What’s Up by the 4 Non Blondes which was preceded with the DJ’s request of the audience to “Please stand for the lesbian National Anthem.” Yes, the whole crowd stood and sang along with us.

14787496_10153992809137338_2100949505_oHere’s some blurry photographic evidence of Tammy on the mic. It seems like queer karaoke is a really popular phenomenon in Nashville and I’m definitely a fan. We chatted with a few lovely humans in the bar and I got the sense that the community here is an interesting combination of visitors, people who recently moved there, and die hard locals.


Our flight from Nashville to our layover in DC was one of the scariest moments of my life with epic turbulence that felt like being on an amusement park ride. I wept a little in the bathroom after we landed and was happy to be on the ground in one piece. Though I contemplated taking a bus home, I somehow forced myself on the final plane which was mostly smooth sailing and much more manageable with Dramamine.



Stay tuned for a blog about our three performances with Kim Petrarca!

Working Remotely


We are working remotely this morning. ¬†Kim is standing, Jeana is on the couch, tour buddy Dave is at the kitchen table, and I am in bed. ¬†Tour cat, Man, is roaming the house. ¬†We haven’t stopped talking to each other.¬†I am yelling responses from the other room. ¬†I don’t think we are actually getting anything done. ¬†Guitars and laptops are everywhere. ¬†img_20161016_1424380063

We stopped at a McDonalds around 11:00 last night to use their Wifi to get Jeana’s homework in before the midnight deadline, totally forgetting about the one hour time difference. ¬†We were on our way home from visiting some old friends. ¬†Tennessee is beautiful and Tennessee is long. ¬†Driving makes me very tired. ¬†I took a nap while she typed. ¬†My name is on the rental car so I am the driver this week. ¬†We are arguing about half as much as we would if it were there way around. ūüėČ

Tonight at¬†6pm the three of us are in the¬†Performing Writer Showcase at¬†The Fillin’ Station in¬†Kingston Springs, TN. ¬†I¬†haven’t decided on a set list yet. ¬†They billed me first and Jeana last so I will have¬†to figure out the audience in the moment instead of planning ahead. ¬†I have a rough idea though. ¬†Secrets, I’m Alive, Love Song…. ¬†hmmm


Monday in Nashville

It’s Monday! Yesterday was a fun day of light exploring and recovery from unexpectedly strong 2 for 1 sangrias at Saint Anejo. The weather in Nashville is straight out of a dream with a cozy dry heat and low 80s temperature that basically feels like a warm hug every time we¬†step outside. The food is equally amazing.

Last night we went to this beautiful lookout point called Love Circle, where you can clearly see the city’s “Batman Building” in full form. I found this to be in particularly neat contrast to our home city¬†since Providence holds¬†the legendary “Superman Building.” I couldn’t capture the sight, but luckily I found this wonderful shot in the Flickr Commons by Robert Claypool.

Tammy just finished prepping our guitars for our first gig of the week on Wednesday, while I finished up some work. Kim Petrarca is quite possibly the world’s greatest host and is lending us two of the guitars in her impressive collection during our stay. We’re pretty excited about it. More updates soon, but first enjoy this picture of this total guitar babe.


We Made It

We are in Tennessee hanging with Kim Petrarca. ¬†It turns out that Jeana really is terrified of flying, and I have the bruises on my arm to prove that she wasn’t exaggerating when she wrote yesterday. We are here for one week. Jeana and I are sleeping in Kim’s beautiful, comfortable guest room.

Kim moved here a year ago and has lasted longer than the 600 or so people who move here per week trying to make it.  In that time she managed to decorate this entire apartment with well placed framed music posters and healthy, thriving houseplants.  It is as welcoming as any home in the south should be.  I imagine she will succeed here. Check out her website when you get a chance.

We were too tired when we arrived last night to talk about what we are doing this week. Everyone but me is asleep right now, but we intend to do brunch and football over the next few hours.  We will figure out what we are doing for the rest of the week and let you know!



We’re Getting On A Plane!

The day has arrived! We are headed to Nashville today to perform with the super awesome Kim Petrarca.¬†Though terrified of flying, I’m really¬†excited to not only visit Nashville for the first time ever, but also once again travel with the lovely Tammy Laforest. Follow our Twitter¬†and ¬†Instagram¬†for real time updates, puns, photos and more.

At PVD Airport!
At PVD Airport!


Open Mic

Tammy and Jeana host an open mic every other Wednesday at the News Cafe in Pawtucket, RI.  Tammy introduces guests and maintains the list of open mic attendees while Jeana runs the soundboard.  Get regular updates by liking our open mic Facebook page.