Photo by Sharlene DeNardo
Photo by Sharlene DeNardo

The duo known as Tammy & Jeana in many ways feels like the perfect culmination of past experience. Singer-songwriters Tammy Laforest and Jeana DeLaire first met in June of 2015 in the green room of local Providence haunt, Firehouse 13. Though they had a brief, yet vibrant interaction, it wasn’t until months later in April of 2016 that the two began to grow closer. Mutual friends brought Jeana to Tammy’s Open Mic at Pawtucket’s beloved dive bar known as The News Cafe. Upon hearing one another perform, the pair began talking and quickly became inseparable (Xena and Gabrielle style).

Tammy Laforest

Born and raised in Rhode Island, the adorable human known as Tammy Laforest (yes this is Jeana writing this) has been writing songs for as long as she and anyone that knows her can remember.

Photo by Jessica Pohl

Super impressive accomplishments, aside from looking great in leggings, include winning the Limelight Music Award for New Artist of the Year in 2013, several best vocalist and best album nominations, and the appearance on several New England area radio and television shows. She currently performs her solo music in Providence based trio, The Dust Ruffles.

Jeana DeLaire

Born in Rhode Island, Jeana DeLaire (Pronunciation Guide: Jee-nuh Dee-lair) began wowing living room audiences with her almost completely in key harmonica, hum along skills, and lip syncing throughout toddlerhood.

Photo by Jessica Pohl

She eventually refined her skills at College of the Atlantic where she studied eclectic guitar styles and music theory. In addition to an award nomination for best breakthrough act for her band, Great Gale, Jeana received recognition in the form of an award and scholarship for excellence in music at her college.

Then they met at an open mic.  AND THE REST IS HERSTORY.

Check out Copper, released by Tammy in 2014.
Check out Copper, released by Tammy in 2014.
Check out Jeana's album, Somewhere Moving, released in 2015 with Great Gale.
Check out Somewhere Moving, released by Great Gale in 2015